Create videos quickly

with AI assistance

Create an outline of ideas, review AI content suggestions and pick your spokesperson. That's all you need to make a video presentation!

How it works?

Write your paragraphs
using AI assistance

Scribble your content ideas with AI suggestions to improve your writing performance

Start by outlining the topics and prompt different ideas until you find one that best matches your presentation vision

Rephrase your video script
with intuitive editor

Try multiple suggestions from ready-made templates, organise and rephrase.

Promote the best suggestions, review final script and get it ready to present

Pick your AI spokesperson
to present your video

Choose among many realistic avatars to present your ideas and set language, speaking style etc.

Quickly share to your audience, download or embed to your site in an instant

See how it looks

Use Cases


Provide quick and engaging educational content that breaks down complex topics into easy-to-understand chunks


Quickly and easily share your ideas with a wider audience by using the right speaking tone

HR Onboarding

Make it easy to get new employees up to speed quickly, allowing them to hit the ground running on day one


Reach a wider audience and engage them more effectively with your professional generated content

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