Build concise knowledge with immersive storytelling

Quinv is a concise storytelling format that combines various types of multimedia into a single interactive experience.

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Tell a story in minutes

Quinvio will take care of your presentation's aesthetics, allowing you to focus on the content. Our intuitive drag & drop editor automatically aligns your multimedia blocks and prepares them in your brand's style.

Speak your style

Whether you like to focus on your video, audio, or text content as the base of your presentation, you can start with any of the templates and sync the timeline accordingly.

Curated timeline

Choose from a range of multimedia options, including text, links, whiteboards, 3D objects, tweets, AI assisted art and live embedded content. Showcase your external resources as part of your story.

Easy sharing

Share content with a single click or embed it on your site for a branded experience that works on any device, optimised for both screens and networks.

Built for extension

Viewers of a Quinv can select parts of the story they wish to revisit later and clip the video/audio with relevant widgets to create new, meaningful chunks that can be reused for new storytelling pieces.

If you'd like to learn more about Quinvio, please book a 15-minute meeting with the founders.
We'd be delighted to explain how Quinvio can meet your business needs.

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